Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Anti-magic fighters are a rarity. They are almost identical in every way to mundane foot soldiers, with the exception that they are almost completely immune to every form of Magic. This comes with both perks and drawbacks, but in most cases solves more problems than it causes. If you want to be an unstoppable force of will, you should try this class.


Break Magic
You destroy anything magical in nature by coming into contact with it. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Curse Removal - one touch and you can eliminate a curse within an ally.
  • Magic Invisibility: You are invisible at all times to magic sight
  • Magic Bypass: You will not set off magical traps
  • Magic Objects / Creatures / Attacks: deteriorate upon coming into contact with you

**War Machine: **
Upon seeing an enemy die you deal double damage for the next two turns. If you dealt the killing blow the effect lasts 4 turns.

If you land a killing blow you regain half your missing health.

**Anger Management: **
Go up a die size on your next damage roll when an enemy blocks, dodges, or parries one of your attacks.

Fresh Meat:
Deal double damage to any undamaged enemies.

Free Action:

**Frothing Berserker: **
You take and deal double damage for D4 rounds. Usable once per fight. Can’t use while Avatar is active.

Take half damage for D4 turns. Usable once per fight, can’t use while Frothing Berserker is active.

Siege Breaker:
Max out the damage roll on your next attack. Useable once per fight.


Black Hurricane:
Summon a tornado that sucks any magic attacks into itself automatically. Lasts (D4) rounds.

**Black Meteor: **
Summon a meteor of black anti-magic that destroys any magical elements in its path, can be thrown.

Antimagic Shell:
Summon a 10 foot invisible sphere of antimagic around you. This area is immune to magical attacks, both from within and without. Lasts for (D4) rounds.

Spin around swinging your blades wildly for D4 rounds. You can move during this time, attack all enemies within melee range. Requires 2 turns to recharge.

Furious Charge:
Run and slam into an enemy stunning them for 1 round, immediately attacking them with your weapon.

Rend: Weapon Damage + D6 Bleed
Slice an enemy causing them to Bleed for D6 damage over D4 turns.

Overpower an enemy stunning them for 2 turns (as long as you continue attacking them). Can not be used on the same enemy more than once.