Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

A highly mobile, AoE fighter. While the Angel of Battle has no way to directly heal themselves, they can shoulder the brunt of allies attacks and protect them in several different ways. They also provide subtle utility in specific situations.


Class Proficiencies:
This class may wear any armor type, and use a one handed weapon and a shield or a two handed weapon. It uses Brawn for melee attacks and Magic to empower ranged and defensive abilities.

Path of the Righteous:
You may sacrifice your movement this turn in order to gain one free Basic Attack.

Archangel’s Wrath: D10 + Magic | Area Of Effect
Upon dropping to half and zero health, explode with radiant energy damaging enemies around you for D10 magic damage.

Endless Vigil:
You can not die, for you are not of the living. Upon reaching zero hit points you drop out of the fight. You then roll a D20 every turn regaining hit points until you are back to full - you then rise up and rejoin your allies in battle. You may continue to take damage during this time and lose hit points such as from AoE and DoT effects.

Free Action:

Chosen Foe: Crown Control
Illuminate the next enemy you hit, bathing it in light as bright as a torch and blinding it for one round.

Salvation: D10 + Magic | Defensive Buff
Cast a holy shield of divine energy on yourself or an ally for D10 shield points. Shield points are drained before armor and hit points regardless of the damage type. Shield points may not stack cumulatively, instead refreshing this ability replaces the existing total with the new amount.

Ray of Heaven: Shield Points + Magic | Direct Damage
Consume your shield points and deal that amount as damage to a target of your choice.


Smite: D8 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Call down holy light to hit the target area for D8 damage.

Bestow Hope: Defensive Buff
Bestow an ally with Hope. As long as they stay within melee range of you, you take half of the damage they receive on their behalf.

El’druin’s Might: D8 + Brawn | Area of Effect Damage + Crown Control
Throw your weapon into the ground, shattering it. Deal D8 damage to nearby enemies and knocking them prone. You may teleport to it at any time as a free action. Usable once per fight.

Judgement: D8 + Brawn | Movement + Area of Effect Crowd Control
Charge an enemy dealing D8 damage and stunning then for D4 turns. All nearby enemies are knocked away and take half damage.

Storm of Blades: D10 + Brawn | Area of Effect Damage
Razor Sharp blades explode from your wings in all directions doing D10 AOE damage to everyone in close proximity. You may not fly this turn.

Righteousness: Area of Effect Buff
Shields you and your nearby allies for 50% of the damage taken for D4 turns. Allies must stay within melee range to benefit from your holy shield of righteousness.

Sanctification: Area of Effect Buff
Create a field of holy energy anywhere on the battlefield that makes allies invulnerable while standing inside of it. Lasts D4 rounds - players inside may not attack anyone outside of the protective field. Enemies may not attack anyone inside of it, or pass through the barrier.

Bring a dead or unconscious player back to life with half of their hit points. Useable once per day. Takes D4 turns to cast.

Holy Aegis: D10 + Magic Area of Effect Damage + Single Target Crowd Control
Trap an enemy in a bubble of holy light for 1 turn. While inside they may not fight or move. On your next turn the bubble explodes dealing “D10” damage to all enemies around them. The enemy that is trapped does not take any damage.