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Upon entering the Cave you notice a strange sight. The floor is swept completely clean, and the walls and floor are smooth. Almost like this entrance was built intentionally instead of a natural path under the mountain. You also notice that there is no lack of light, and the further you go the balance of light and darkness stays the same.

Walking a few hundred yards into the tunnel  you begin to find natural cave formations. You hear running water, and detect the aroma of flowers. The cave almost immediately curves around a great bend, and opens up into an enormous cavern. The ceiling is punctuated with holes, shafts of light come through and illuminate the area as if you were standing outside. Grass covers the floor and your gaze follows it up a small hill where a towering tree extends over 100 feet into the air. It is then you notice a young woman sitting under the tree, dozing softly. Blonde, in her late teens or early 20s, wearing simple clothes decorated with floral patterns.

As you approach she awakens with a start. She stands up and brushes herself off then turns to face you. "Greetings" she says politely.

"What is it that you seek" she asks, her pleasant disposition quickly fading from her face. Her name is Alice.

*Upon combat, mentioning Velora or any type of Dragon, or seeking any form of Power she transforms into her alter ego, the Osmanthus Knight.

Thrusting out her arm she summons a shining ball of magic in her outstretched hand. She closes her eyes and mouths a spell as she slaps the trunk of the tree firmly. It begins to shimmer and fade as it disappears into her outstretched hand. Absorbing the entire tree takes mere moments, converting the energy into armor and a weapon. She stands before you now clad in gold plate, wielding a golden sword which she draws and makes a defensive gesture.

"You may not go any further." she states with a resolve that you can feel in your bones. "I am Alice, Integrity Knight in the Third Order of the Axiom Church. And I Called to guard and protect this cave."