Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Alchemists use herbs to create strange, magical brews that heal, empower, and produce a variety of positive effects - invisibility, elemental resistance, mana restoration, and much, much more. When crafting, roll a die to see how many pieces you can successfully build for the week. The starting die size is D4, every five crafting levels the starting die size goes up. You may add your wisdom modifier to the die roll. 10 skill points into a profession equals 1 additional level. All players start at level 0. All draughts are consumed upon use, usability limitations refer how many a player may consume per day.

Alchemist’s Flask: Boosts your primary stat by D20 (x Alchemy Level) for one fight. Usable once per day.

Flask of Distilled Wisdom: Boosts your Int by D20 (x Alchemy Level) for one fight. Does not stack with other stat based draughts.

Flask of the Titans: Boosts your maximum health by D100 (x Alchemy Level) for one day.

Flask of Unbounce Action: Causes any stuns, roots, or other movement impairing effects to last no more than 1 turn on you. Lasts one fight.

Arcane Protection Potion: Reduces the magical damage you take by 25% for one fight.

Fire Protection Potion: Reduces the magical damage you take by 25% for one fight.

Frost Protection Potion: Reduces the magical damage you take by 25% for one fight.

Nature Protection Potion: Reduces the magical damage you take by 25% for one fight.

Shadow Protection Potion: Reduces the magical damage you take by 25% for one fight.

Mana Potion: Restores D100 (x Alchemy Level) mana to the imbiber.

Healing Potion: Restores D20 (x Alchemy Level) health to the imbiber.

Elixir of the Mighty: Restores D4 (x Alchemy Level) health per round for one fight.

Anti-Venom: Target is cured of all poisons of a natural nature.

Stoneshield Potion: Increases Armor by D20 (x Alchemy Level) for one day or until lost.

Purification Potion: Drinking this removes one curse

Limited Invulnerability Potion: Target is immune to all damage from the next attack that hits them. Damage over time effects that would stack from this attack are also ignored.

Elixer of Demonslaying: Increases the damage you do to Demons by D20 (x Alchemy Level) for one fight.

Elixir of Giants: Your melee attacks go up one die size for one fight.

Potion of Burning Rage: Target burns 50% of their maximum health over the next D6 turns. During this time they deal 100% more damage.

Elixir of Dreaming Visions: Allows an out of body experience where your spirit may explore areas that are too dangerous to visit in person for D20 (x Alchemy Level) minutes.

Invisibility Potion: You are hidden to the naked eye for D20 (x Alchemy Level) minutes or until you deal or take damage.

Elixir of Greater Water Breathing: Allows you to breathe underwater for 1 hour

Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility: Grants detect lesser invisibility for D10 (x Alchemy Level) rounds

Catseye Elixir: Increases your detect stealth for D10 (x Alchemy Level) rounds

Alchemist's Fire: A fire potion that deals one D6 damage per alchemy level over D4 turns.

Vial of Acid: A vial of deadly acid that deals  one D4 damage per alchemy level over D6 turns.

Bottled Luck: Drinking this allows you to reroll a single die within the next hour. Usable once per day.

Hallucinogen: The target makes a defensive roll, if failed they are distracted by visions and noises for D20 rounds (x Alchemy Level)

Shrinking: The target shrinks to 1 size smaller for 1 hour. Their movement and combat rolls are reduced by 1. This effect may stack but does not increase the duration.

Truth Serum: Consuming this forces the target to tell the truth for 1 hour. They may evade questioning but can not directly lie. Their non-combat defensive rolls are also cut in half for this duration. Repeated use has diminishing returns by 50% per day

Love Potion: #10, the target is charmed by the next person they encounter. During this time they are highly perceptible to influence through successful persuasion rolls. Their resistance to influence is reduced by 50%. Lasts 1 day. Consecutive doses are effective based on the Alchemy Level.

Smoke Bomb: creates a thick fog in a 10 yard radius.

Heavy Potion: Double the weight of the person who drinks this for 1 hour. Movement and acrobatics are impaired. The bonus stacks, but may have unintended side effects.

Fearless: You are immune to intimidate effects and gain a bonus of +2 to all non-combat rolls for 1 hour.

Oil Slick: Create a non-flammable oil that can cover a 1x5 square area. Lasts D20 rounds. Anyone who comes into contact with this must roll to save and has all other rolls reduced by 50% for the duration they are in the oil slick.