Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Affliction mages specialize in sowing misery and chaos throughout the battlefield. While they may sacrifice their own health to deal more damage, they also gain a portion of their damage back as healing. They cause fear and doubt to reign supreme in unique and terrifying ways.


Class Proficiencies:
This class wears Cloth armor, uses wands, staves, and other Magic based weapon types, and exclusively relies on Magic as its primary stat.

Seed of Corruption:
Once the duration of Corruption expires it explodes and passes to anyone within 5 yards of the target.

Unending Resolve:
You may continue to fight past zero hit points, but you burn with dark energy taking 1 damage per round, which doubles every additional round until you pass out or are healed above one hit point.

Dark Fury:
You deal 20% more damage while below zero hit points.

Dark Pact:
Sacrifice 20% of your maximum health and gain a temporary shield for double that amount.

Soul Leech:
If an enemy dies from one of your DoTs you heal for 10% of your maximum health.

You may choose to convert the healing of Soul Leech to damage on a target of your choice.

Dark Affinity:
If you are afflicted with one of your own spells, it does one die size higher damage to enemies for the duration both are active.

Write In Agony:
If Agony successfully completes its duration on an enemy without killing them, it may go up to six rounds and a D20 for all subsequent casts on that target.

Absolute Corruption:
If an enemy survives the full duration of Corruption, the next cast of it on them does not expire.

Free Action:

Agony: D4-D10 + Magic Damage Over Time
Causing increasing agony to the target over 4 rounds. Deals no damage upon cast, but deals D4 damage the following turn, and one die size higher each consecutive turn.

Affliction: D4-10 + Magic Damage Over Time
Afflict the target with a curse for D4 damage over D4 rounds. Casting this curse upon them consecutively refreshes the duration each time and increases the damage by one die size up to D10.

Corruption: D6 + Magic Damage Over Time
Afflict the target with shadow damage dealing D6 damage over D4 rounds.

Fear: Single Target Crowd Control
Strike fear into the heart of an enemy. They drop their weapons and cower in fear for D4 rounds. May not be used on the same target more than once.

Hysteria: Area of Effect Crowd Control
Strike fear into the hearts of everyone within 10 yards of you. They flee in the opposite direction for D4 turns or until they are at least 25 yards away. Usable once per fight.

Shadows Embrace: Buff
Burn yourself with dark energy, whatever die size worth of damage you choose to take, add that to your next attack. Bonus damage does not persist over multiple turns when casting DoTs with this buff, it only applies to the first tick of the next cast. You may use this more than once per turn.

Creeping Death: Direct Damage
You may finish any active DoTs on a target for their full durations damage. However that target is now immune to any spells ended early. You may not finish more than one active DoT at a time.

Special Abilities:

Siphon Life: D6 + Magic Direct Damage + Heal
Deal D6 damage to an enemy and heal for half of that amount. Using this ability clears them of all active DoTs.

Haunt: D8 + Magic Damage Over Time
Summon a ghostly soul that haunts your target. It deals D8 damage to them every time they attack. Only one may be active at a time. It is immune to physical damage. It has half of your maximum hit points.

Deathbolt: D20 + Magic Direct Damage
Launch a bolt of death magic at a target for D20 damage. If they do not die you also take half of the damage they received.

Mortal Coil:  Single Traget Crowd Control
Antagonize the essence of an enemy’s soul. They are stunned and prone for D4 turns. Any direct damage interrupts this effect. Does not affect bosses.